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A Happy Place with Fiona Dyer – Fede Design

Fiona Dyer of Fede Designs

The path of life is rarely a straight one. In my own case, I’ve had several curves in my career path and I’m still not even sure where it will lead. I recently caught up with Fiona Dyer – a friend from University days – and found out how her path has wound it’s way to her current place in life. The place she calls her ‘happy place’.…

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CapHat™ – the simple invention taking the world by storm.

CapHat Sun Protection, Local Business, Entrepreneur, Blackwood

In my double-life of being a graphic designer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with businesses big and small and have witnessed some super achievements by my clients. Each experience is rewarding and uplifting, but recently I’ve had the huge privilege of walking alongside some particularly special people as they’ve worked amazingly, inspiringly hard to take their passion, personal experience and incredible entrepreneurship to the world stage.…

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All things fine with Old Refinery

I’ve always admired my friend Blake’s eye for style. She has a real knack for seeing the beauty in things, and a way of putting objects together to create a lovely vignette. So when she started her vintage hire company, Old Refinery, I knew she’d be onto a great thing.…

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