Introducing Neck of the Woods

In August 1999, Dave and I were newly-weds on the hunt for our first home.

We found our ‘dream home’ (or at least a house with good bones which we could work with) and welcomed-in the new millennium in our own home.

We really fell in love with the area.

  • Convenient location.
  • Beautiful views.
  • Close to nature.
  • Good schools.

What more could we ask for?

Several years (and two babies) later, both Dave and I found ourselves running our separate small businesses out of a tiny room in our house. And have been since 2008.

Running a business from home here is idyllic. There’s nothing quite like the sound of birds (instead of cars) and enjoying regular visits from the tiding of magpies or riot of kookaburras. It has its hazards too, like the lure of the garden, ‘quickly’ running an errand or a multitude of reasons why I’d rather be outside, than sitting at the computer!

The seed is sown …

I recently had the opportunity to help out some local friends with their fantastic start-up enterprises, and it got me thinking; there must be more people like us out there, hidden, quietly working away. And what about the people responsible for the businesses along our main road? They don’t just ‘happen’ …

So who are they? Where are they?

Who is the person behind that great gift shop, florist or cup of coffee? What other small and micro enterprises are hiding in this picturesque area? What community events are happening that other people might like to know about?

Now I want to not only discover the hidden gems of my neighbourhood, but I want to give them a voice, a presence … and share them with as many people as I can.

Neck of the Woods is about sharing the unique people, places and things that make our neighbourhood special.

My goals for Neck of the Woods are to:

  • get to know the people in my neighbourhood and share their stories;
  • discover more of the hidden gems of our community, whether they be that quirky new gift shop, the community group that’s making a difference, or that park I regularly drive past but never stop at;
  • offer local businesses an opportunity to advertise their businesses to a targeted, local audience through on-site advertising and email newsletters;
  • provide local makers a managed marketplace where they can sell their goods without the need for a online store of their own;
  • promote local events through a community calendar and
  • be the go-to place to find out what’s going on in the neighbourhood!

So tell me, how long have you lived here? What do you love most about living in the Mitcham Hills? Introduce yourselves in the comments below … and remember, I’m looking for people, places and things to share; drop me a line with your suggestions or recommendations!

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